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The Account Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) is the Committee designated to settle account ownership issues and challenges.
This Committee was created in the Collective Bargaining Agreement dated
August 19, 2005 between AT&T Yellow Pages Directory and the IBEW Local Union 2139.

Steps and Procedures:

1) – Upon identification of an account ownership issue, gather all relevant documentation, to include, but not limited to:
a – Copies of contracts and D1280’s
b – Tear pages from published books
c – MIP screens
d – Audit trail screens
e – Emails and correspondence
f – Other documentation

2) – Prepare a CTCP and present it with the above documentation to your manager for signature. Your manager will present the CTCP to the manager of the other salesperson.

3) – If the CTCP is accepted, signed and processed, no further steps are required.

4) – If the manager refuses to sign or denies the claim of account ownership, fill out the Account Resolution Committee Request Form COMPLETELY.
Make copies of all your documentation and mail (do not fax) the package to:

IBEW Local 2139
2700 N Main Street Ste 1101
Santa Ana CA 92705

5) – Both parties will be sent a formal notice of the account challenge. Both parties will have a final opportunity to present his/her “side of the story”.
Your documentation must reach the Union office by the date on the letter, or YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY contact the Union office.

6) – All decisions of the ADRC are FINAL and BINDING.
No further grievance, counter challenge or arbitration will be accepted.