155 N. Riverview Dr., Anaheim Hills, CA


I.B.E.W Union local 2139 for Southern California Directory Employees began organizing in 1966 with several determined employees wanting and needing Union representation.

These employees, along with a few others whose names appear on the charter in the Union Office now located at; 155 N. Riverview, Anaheim Hills , California, formed an Organizing Committee consisting of Fred Hunter, Jon Gardner, Ron Vrooman, Parley Fearn, Frank Johnston, Warren O'blennis, Ted Bobins and Lee Brown were responsible for bringing the Union to the Directory Department of Pacific Bell.

In early fall of 1966, the Organizers contacted the National Labor Relations Board ( N L R B ) and the American Federation of Labor ( AFL/CIO ) to establish a charter, named "Professional Yellow Pages Association" ( P Y P A ). Unfortunately this could not be implemented because a year earlier the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ( I. B. E. W. ) had held an election at Pacific Bell Directory Department and were not successful. By law, if a Union's first election fails, the same Union automatically is granted a second election.

Not wanting to delay the Union much longer, the employee Organizers decided to meet with John Lapin, the I.B.E.W. Ninth District Organizing Representative.

The employee organizing group had several productive meetings with Mr. Lapin about the techniques of organizing employees and overcoming company objections. In general, the overall organizing tactics and methods of conveying the benefits of Unionism to employees. I.B.E.W. provided hand outs, brochures, buttons, etc. and some financial assistance.

The campaign was underway in fall of 1966, for months the small group of employee Organizers worked hard and diligent in extolling the benefits and virtues of being Unionized.

On St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 1967 an election was held at Pacific Bell Directory Headquarters, 3470 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles,(at that time there was only one office for all directory employees). That evening the results were in, the Union was victorious.

The Union Organizers, individual campaigners, and all Union proponents held a large gathering to celebrate the victory.

Six weeks later the official charter for I.B.E.W. Local 2139, was granted on May 5, 1967.

Since then, the Local Union has negotiated 16 successful contracts, over the last 46 years. The labor pacts and contractual agreements over the years have greatly benefited the Directory employees both monetarily and in overall benefits.

Economically, providing higher wages and commissions, maintaining fair working hours and better working conditions. Over the years the sales people have benefited from bargained commissions driven to their highest level. Clerical and Support groups also benefited with higher base salaries, more days off with pay and "Success Sharing". Some say, that the last bargained contract was one of the best in 20 years.

Health benefits, retiree benefits, job security, and the grievance procedure, just to mention a few advantages of Union membership. The local Union has had almost four decades to develop a mutual, comprehensive, detailed contractual relationship with the company.

It is the Unions utmost priority to enhance and sustain a maximum representation of employee’s benefits and rights.

Local 2139's goal is to protect the dignity of all employees, enforce the contract, at the same time maintain a harmonious relationship with the company.